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Step into a time machine masquerading as a bright red Santa Sleigh and be prepared to experience a magical horse drawn sleigh ride back to an 1860’s mining camp where hearty mountain food is served up with a healthy dose of family dinner theater!

This adventure is fun for the whole family. Once snugly tucked under blankets, two majestic horses pull the red Santa Sleigh through a magical winter wonderland near Breckenridge, Colorado where magnificent tall Pine trees fade in and out of the night and snow glistens like diamonds in the warm light of the lantern. The sleigh driver, often accompanied by a friendly canine companion, shares stories that delight and entertain. 

Thirty minutes later the sleigh pulls up to an 1860’s mining camp dining hall filled with lamp light, mouth-watering aromas and heat blasting out of two wood burning stoves. Everywhere you look there are historic artifacts and one of the stoves is practically groaning under the weight of all the perfectly hand-made apples pies, hearty beans, golden corn on the cob, heavenly hot chocolate and more.

But, before hungry stomachs can get too excited, the show begins! Who will entertain—will it be the Mountain Man telling tall tales of trapping, hunting and mountain women? Or will it be the Unsinkable Molly Brown bringing her wholly unique story to life? Or maybe it will be the delightful Dance Hall Girl playfully weaving stories of miners, Breckenridge as it really was and life in a saloon. Possibly it will be the Signing Cowboy entertaining with song and cowboy poetry. No matter who it is, the laughs are many and kids adore the characters as much if not more than the adults!

The colorful character, whoever it is, leads everyone through the chow line where plates are generously heaped with delicious, simple and hearty food—just like what the miners of yesteryear would eat, only better! Silence falls as mouths become preoccupied with eating and then comfortable conversation and easy laughter rings loud as stomachs are satisfied. The night ends with a short walk back to the future. 

Other Sleigh Ride Options

Nordic Sleigh Rides also offers other options for enjoying the incredible Breckenridge scenery while being pulled by our majestic Colorado horses. We offer a romantic two-person, one-horse open sleigh ride that is sure to be a memorable occasion for you and your loved one. And for those not interested in dinner and a show, we also offer a Scenic Sleigh Ride where you will be accompanied by other guests on our large red Santa Sleigh, pulled by our beautiful Colorado horses and guided by one of our entertaining drivers.


Joseph W.

Tuesday, Jan. 2, 2018
Really enjoyed our Sleigh Ride with these guys! Awesome trail and friendly staff! Very Romantic

Dave Olson

Thursday, March 16, 2017
Fun sleigh ride, gorgeous horses, fantastic dinner and entertaining show. Perfect date night.

Cait DeMull

Monday, Feb. 17, 2014
We went on the $20/person 1 hour daytime ride and were very impressed! They served warm apple cider and we saw coyotes and learned about the local history. There were a lot of families and it seemed like the perfect amount of time to keep the kids busy but not too long to prevent boredom. The horses and mountains were beautiful and they supplied blankets which were much needed! Was definitely worth the money and was a nice relaxing activity after skiing for a few days!

Laura Garden

Wednesday, Jan. 13, 2016
Over priced at $89 for 20 short minutes ride through a gold course that was lined with housed not trees and a dinner that was served on paper plates from buffer warmer. It was a Sysco microwave meal and they ran out of chicken! Everyone was complaining. I felt bad for the one employee there taking all the heat. I BET THE GOOD REVIEWS ON HERE ARE FROM OWNERS/EMPLOYEES. DO NOT ENCOURAGE BAD EXPERIANCES LIKE THIS BY BOOKING HERE. You will be frustrated by the meal and angry about the cost. There are other dinner sleigh rides in Summit County which are the same price and 100% better.

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