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Wild Bear Mountain Ecology Center

Wild Bear Mountain Ecology Center
20 Lakeview Drive Unit 107

About Us:

Wild Bear Mountain Ecology Center is the only non-profit nature center in Boulder County.

Mission Statement:

Since 1995, Wild Bear’s mission is to provide year round educational programs to people of all ages fostering a life-long appreciation of the environment and promoting an environmentally aware and ecologically sound community.  Wild Bear’s passionate roots in science education and the preservation of Colorado began as a small program serving 24 children in the summer of 1995, growing to serve over thousands of people of all ages every year.  Wild Bear’s inspirational vision was founded on the belief that learning occurs every day, all day and throughout our lives.

Vision Statement:

The long-term vision from Wild Bear’s modest beginnings in 1995 was to create a nature center facility in the mountains near Nederland to provide the general public with opportunities to learn together about their own backyard. In 1999, Wild Bear collaborated with Boulder County Parks and Open Space and the Town of Nederland to preserve over 200 acres of land north of Nederland, Colorado; voters approved this plan including the development of the Nature Center by Wild Bear. Over the next two years, Wild Bear successfully raised $100,000 through private donations, and now Wild Bear owns 5 acres amid the Mud Lake Open Space.

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