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Water World

8801 North Pecos Street

Water World, one of America's largest family water parks, is located just 15 minutes north of downtown Denver, Colorado, on 64 beautifully landscaped acres.   Since we opened in 1979 with the first two water slides in the state of Colorado, we now boast over 46 water adventures, and have been rated as one of America's top ten water parks by the Travel Channel.


James Julien

Thursday, July 12, 2018
Went opening weekend and had a blast! The entry took a while but no big deal as we did not arrive until 30 minutes after they opened. Surprisingly even with lots of people going in, the park never really felt crowded. The wait times for the slides were pretty modest. We literally rode down everything in the park. Almost every ride was very enjoyable. Definitely worth the price! We brought our own food and drink in which is a very nice perk. The tube valet is not a gimmick as without it there are about a dozen slides where you’ll have to carry medium to large tubes uphill a ways. Definitely doable but if you’re with a family or don’t want the hassle it gets old quick. Overall had a blast and definitely would return!

Stephanie McCormack

Wednesday, June 27, 2018
Rent a cabana. The Big Top are reasonable. Makes your day awesome. Bring a cooler with food. Go during the week if possible. You get a chance to do a lot more rides. Highly recommend tube valet. You don't have to carry the big family tubes up the hill for rides. Good for 4 people

Stella Meister

Sunday, July 1, 2018
So... first time at Water World and I was expecting it to be a typical water park (gross, long lines), but I had so much fun! The rides are so much fun and there is something for the entire family. Even throughout the entire day the lines never got too long. Music was good, lifeguards/staff were awesome, and the entire place was super clean and well-kept. If you or someone you know ever comes to Colorado in summer, I would definitely recommend Water World. My experience was so great and will definitely be returning as soon as possible. Also, just two quick tips: 1) get there 30 minutes earlier than they open because although the water features don’t open until opening time, they allow people in early to find their seats. 2) Head to the Big Top first because the lines there get the longest at noon.

Katrina Grant

Sunday, July 1, 2018
We visited your water park on July 1st. A couple of things I was pretty disappointed in. 1. To make people carry those huge tubes up those hills is ridiculous. I seen several children and families really struggle to get those up. I guess you could pay for the valet but get it together water world, even the water park at Disney takes the tubes up for you! You spend more time hauling those big inter tubes around then enjoying the park. 2. Your staff is not very friendly, helpful or engaging at all. 3. The fast pass or valet is ridiculous!! It makes the wait for the regular guests extremely long! 45 minutes or more. Your park is only open 8 hours. If your lucky you get in 5 or 6 of the exciting rides. Not to mention the fact that I have never seen a water park “charge” to take tubes up to the top for you. 4. Pick some other way to I’d for alcohol. Maybe you can check ids at the entrance and give a different color wrist ban. Not sure how many people carry wallets around with them, as big as your park is, it’s nice to have that access so you don’t have to spend 20 minutes walking back and getting your id. The bungalows, cabanas for purchase are really nice. We tried to rent a cabana but you were all sold out. We did get a bungalow but it wasn’t very big, but really nice to have a covered area next to the wave pool.

Wade Walker

Monday, June 25, 2018
Adding a star or two based on better prior experiences but latest one wasn't great. Forked out the money for a cabana and early entry to try to get in as much fun as possible. Waited around waiting to get locker key which is supposed to come with cabana and be right next to them, but hostess couldn't track them down and eventually just given tokens to other set of lockers further away and less convenient (more endless walking) and not until after wasting all of our early entry time. So much for missing any long lines. And they were long for just about everything. On a Thursday. Hate to see what the weekend looked like. But whatever, these places get busy and understand they want to make money and if people keep coming, why limit entrance... So got in a few slides and decided it was time for lunch. Hit button to call over hostess to take order. Saw she was helping other cabana, so patiently waited. She disappeared, hit button again, waited. Waited some more. Split up family so kid could get a few slides in while wife waited to get order in. Saw hostess back with other family and wife waved and hit button again. And waited. Hostess disappeared again. Came back after a slide or two, still no order. 2 hours wasted trying to get food order in (unfortunately got package that included meals). Finally tracked hostess down and got, "Sorry, the button doesn't work I should've told you." Sigh... Know it's seasonal help and it was early in the season, but we paid a lot of money for this... Don't think we will again, though previous 2 experiences were better, at least as far as the cabana experience. Otherwise, decent rides but long lines and physical exertion hauling sometimes large cumbersome tubes up hillsides (tube valet helps with lines, but not hauling and is pricey...), cold water with shivering little ones (with slightly less cold 'warming' pool where you get to listen to them yell at kids for putting their heads underwater for whatever reason...), mediocre food, and overall fairly pricey for what you're able to do in a day with the lines. May skip our usual trip there next year...

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