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Sulphur Springs Ranch

Sulphur Springs Ranch
421 Country Road


Nestled in the legendary Sangre de Cristo Mountain Range of beautiful southern Colorado, this guest and horse ranch is bordered by 30,000 acres of national forest. The area's scenic beauty, geological wonders and mild climate are among Colorado's best-kept secrets. At the end of the 18th century, the ranch was named after its hot sulfur springs. Currently this valley yields cold water from sulfur, iron and fresh water springs, acres of aspen and pine forests, wildflowers, meadows, rock formations and canyon walls. It is a paradise for all. At Sulphur Springs Ranch all four seasons are magically beautiful.

The ranch is rich with historical legacy, including the time when Native Americans visited this sacred valley to purify and heal before joining peace talks on the nearby SpanishPeaks. Today, you can experience the past from our storytellers, or by walking the ancient trails and sitting in a cave listening to the wind.

Individuals, families and groups are all warmly welcomed. Feel at home in our charming fully equipped cottages or the bunkhouse, or camp out on the land. A large meeting / dance hall is available for groups, family reunions, wedding parties, dances, children's camps, empowerment trainings, workshops, and more.

Create your own agenda, or let us be your guide for an adventurous vacation filled with activity and fun. For those desiring rest, this mystical place offers a quiet get-away where you can listen to the wisdom in the forests, take strength from the rocks and rejuvenate from life's stresses. Let this land help you realize your heart's desires.

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