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Smith Fork Ranch

Smith Fork Ranch
45362 Needle Rock Road

The Smith Fork Ranch Story:

Smith Fork Ranch is not just another Colorado ranch. Yes, we have a stable full of beautifully trained horses, miles of trails, and some of the best private fly fishing in the west. But Smith Fork Ranch really is the quintessential western wilderness experience - and we have deep roots in the history of this beautiful land.

Land of the Utes

Long before the start of Smith Fork Ranch, the West Elk range of the Rocky Mountains and this beautiful river valley was the home of Colorado's oldest residents: the Ute Indians, a tribe of native people who lived and hunted here for hundreds - perhaps thousands - of years. Skilled horsemen, the Utes traveled long distances tracking buffalo, elk, deer, antelope, and mountain sheep for food, clothing and shelter. Smith Fork Ranch's authentic tipi is a tribute to those who came before us.

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