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Pueblo Zoo

3455 Nuckolls Avenue


The mission of the Pueblo Zoological Society is to promote appreciation and understanding of the natural world while providing a quality environment at the Pueblo Zoo for animals and visitors. The non-profit Pueblo Zoological Society manages the city-owned Pueblo Zoo under an agreement with Pueblo City Council.


Larry Plumlee

Friday, July 13, 2018
Beautiful little zoo, it looks small to drive around. When you venture inside the layout has you wondering around in a manner that makes the space appear much larger than it actually is. The zoo is filled with stunning gardens and lots of opportunities for kids to learn. If you are visiting Pueblo, the zoo and the surrounding City park are fantastic places to unwind and relax for you and the kids.

Queen Of Green Christi Kelly

Friday, July 13, 2018
I love this place! I love to go to the park area, surrounding the actual zoo! There is a huge Frisbee golf course. They also have different areas and it is quite spacious, to go for a run or walk your dogs. There is a pond, plenty of grass and tree space, a skate park, a dog park, tennis courts and more! I definitely recommend going at least once.

Cassi H

Sunday, June 10, 2018
Pueblo Zoo was fun to visit. There was plenty of shade to cool off under while enjoying the company of the animals. The only thing that keeps this rating from being five star was that most of the animals were hiding under the shade, in hard to see places, so some of the animals I was most interested in were hiding. But all in all great place, howler monkeys were fun to watch and listen too. :)

Sandi Bailey

Friday, March 30, 2018
It's the perfect little zoo to bring the kids to for a low cost outing. It's small enough that we can walk the whole place in a couple of hours (great to wear out a toddler) but still has a good mix of animals to observe and a cute food stand (kid friendly choices) in a shady picnic area (one of several sit down areas). Highly recommend the's a lot better deal if you want to make multiple trips (especially in spring fall) with some pretty good deals for special occasions.

Bradley Gordon

Monday, May 14, 2018
Great zoo! For being in a smaller city they do a great job at zoo-ing. They have a good assortment of animals and exhibits. There's plenty of parking. The zoo is located in city park with lots of other stuff to do. It's really great.

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