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Durango - Powerhouse Science Center

1333 Camino del Rio

To spark curiosity, ignite imagination, power exploration.

To be a leading science and educational center in the Southwest that brings together curious minds of all ages, inspires innovative learning, and unleashes human potential.

Our Values:-


We believe that interactive discovery plus science education should be available to everyone; it fosters a love of learning and develops creative, critical thinkers.


We believe that an appreciation and understanding of science is integral to being an informed citizen. Exposing children to the sciences at an early age is critical to fostering their natural curiosity.


We recognize that energy was a primary motivation for the development of the Powerhouse, and that energy is integral to all human endeavor.


We draw inspiration from early scientists and inventors as we develop a forward-thinking center that showcases energy technology and challenges us to explore future energy possibilities.


We value our role as a gathering place, as well as a science-and-cultural center for all families.


Our work is to inspire youth to be informed leaders and leaders to be better informed.


We have a responsibility to be a resource for accurate and meaningful information. We are fiscally accountable and responsible to our stakeholders.


Brian Beach

Wednesday, March 21, 2018
Wow! Learn about power in a power plant ... that has bees and an interactive floating ping pong ball exhibit and many many more. Fun times to be here. Also, a swinging bridge outside over the Animas River.

Thaddieus B Mighty White

Monday, April 16, 2018
Nice place for kids with a variety of kinesthetic fun. I am a tad bothered why they charge for parents and why $7.50 each. Today there are 3 areas that are broke or not yet set up.

Allison Riggs

Tuesday, Feb. 27, 2018
Great for kids. Lots of fun puzzles to play with. Thought it was a little small though.

Paul Yoes

Thursday, March 15, 2018
Loads of fun for kids. Probably some of the best interactive exhibits I've seen.

Jeffrey Johnson

Friday, March 2, 2018
Super cool, family friendly place. Lots of events and fun exhibits - even fun for nerdy adults :)

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