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Gunnison Pioneer Museum

Gunnison Pioneer Museum
803 East Tomichi Avenue


The Gunnison County Pioneer and Historical Society had its beginning in 1880 with the early pioneers who incorporated as a non-profit organization in 1930.

From its very beginning, the society stated its interest in preserving the history of the pioneers of Gunnison County and by 1964 the Pioneer Museum was finally begun.  

The Board of the Society oversees the operation of the Museum which is staffed mostly by senior volunteers.  These volunteers are happy to answer your questions as you browse the exhibits at your own pace.  

The Museum grounds, its numerous buildings, the artifacts and memorabilia that make up the many displays, have been donated by generous members and friends of the Society. Most of the items on display date back to the early settlers. The Museum's collections truly represent the cultural history and heritage of the people of Gunnison County.

The D&RG narrow gauge Railroad came over Marshall Pass to Gunnison on August 6, 1881. The Denver South Park and Pacific came to Gunnison via the Alpine Tunnel a year later on September 1, 1882. (brought this following sentence into this paragraph) The Museums narrow gauge train consists of the D&RG Engine #268, a flanger, a gondola, a boxcar, a livestock car and a caboose. (brought this following sentence into this paragraph)A D&RG Water Tank, which was moved in 1971 from Marshall Pass, and the D&RG depot, also moved from Sargents in 1975, are situated alongside the track.

Another grand attraction at the Pioneer Museum is the Andy Mallett Antique and Classic Car Exhibit. Over 70 distinctive cars and trucks that are kept in mint condition await any car fanatic. It is guaranteed to be one of the highlights of your museum visit whether you are a car enthusiast or not! And, the Jordan Building houses military uniforms, posters and mementos from the civil war, world war I, the Korean War and Vietnam. There is also a world war II exhibit. 

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