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Casa Bonita

6715 West Colfax Avenue

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Casa Bonita opened at 6715 West Colfax Avenue in the Denver suburb of Lakewood, Colorado in 1974. Here are a few fun facts about our restaurant:

- It took approximately one year to create Casa Bonita.
- Our famous pink tower facade is 85 feet fall.
- The dome is covered with 22-karat gold leaf and features a statue of the last Aztec emperor - Quahuatomec.
- The fountain in front of the restaurant was shipped in pieces from Mexico.
- The restaurant boasts over 52,000 square feet and seats over 1,000 guests.
- The waterfall, designed to resemble the cliffs of Acapulco, is 30 feet high and the pool is 14 feet deep.

During your visit, be sure to find Black Bart's secret hideout full of mystery and intrigue. Complete your exciting dining experience with puppet shows, arcade games and a visit to El Mercado, Casa Bonita's giftshop.

With over 30 attractions, private dining rooms and large banquet areas, Casa Bonita is the perfect place to hold a group event or birthday party. Inquire about special rates for parties of 15 or more.


Robyn Kuck

Thursday, July 26, 2018
Very unique experience!! Must go check it out if you have kids. My daughter had fun watching the divers, and the arcade was neat. I actually was pleased that the food was better than we expected. The salsa was very good and the tacos, and cheese enchiladas were good!!! We had a great server as well. The divers are really good but they are not great actors but they do good enough for kids to be entertained. My favorite was the spooky cave! We had a good time, very memorable would probably return in a few years.

Brandon Glass

Tuesday, July 31, 2018
After a 40 minute wait we finally got in to see what South Park was referring to. It's a kids place, if you don't have kids, skip it. You wait for admission by buying food, the cheapest thing is $14.66. That is only a couple bucks more than a movie ticket so if your there for just the entertainment value view it like that. There are diving shows, games, caves, mines, live music, and performances. That's plenty to keep you occupied for at least an hour. The shows repeat all day so I wouldn't stay for more than 2.5 hours. It's not bad, it's just not made with adults in mind. I can't say it's been upgraded since it was built. The ski ball is pretty busted up and the food is not Denver normal quality.

Emma Ramsey

Thursday, July 5, 2018
I went here with my Aunt and Uncle for the first time a few weeks ago as a 16 year old. From the outside I was cracking jokes about it looking like a cheesy place, then, once inside the "first section"/ "ordering area" I was still cracking jokes. Once I walked into the dining area, I was astonished! This place made me think that I was in some kind of amazing theme park! It was amazing! I would definitely come here again! Food wasn't amazing but I would come here again! Definitely the coolest restaurant I have ever been to! Great for small kids! Cheesy shows for my taste but all of the young kids loved it!

Riley Manestar

Wednesday, Aug. 1, 2018
What an amazing restaurant. It’s like no other. The food is not good. If you took all the Mexican restaurants in America, and averaged their food quality, Casa Bonita’s quality would be just below average. The drinks are good though! The margaritas are delicious. The restaurant is absolutely massive! So many seats. The entertainment is awesome. Highly recommend this place.

John McKenna

Friday, July 27, 2018
It is a tourist trap. However, if you have kids it is a must. At least once anyway... The atmosphere is what you go for period. The food is mediocre which is why one star was lost. The other star was lost due to the long wait and uncomfortable temperature while in line and while eating. They really needed to crank up the A/C. They stuck us in a pink-princess themed area that was not as well ventilated as the open areas of the restaurant. (Insist that you get a table with a view of the divers.) We couldn't see anything going on from the "Pink Nightmare" location that we were seated in. My daughter thought it was great but out of the party of 9 she was the only one happy about the set up. The kids did have a blast though. They do serve booze so if it becomes unbearable that is always an option. We left before having to resort to that. 😊

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