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Westminster - Butterfly Pavilion

6252 West 104th Avenue

Mission: The mission of the Butterfly Pavilion is to foster an appreciation of butterflies and other invertebrates while educating the public about the need for conservation of threatened habitats in the tropics and around the world.

Vision: The vision of the Butterfly Pavilion is to be the premier invertebrate education center in the nation.


Jared Gregory

Sunday, April 1, 2018
Great place. Some really interesting invertebrate exhibits that I had never seen before at other similar places. Got to hold a tarantula too. And the butterfly atrium was really nice! Bring a good camera. Slow motion filming on butterflies turned out pretty good.

Evans Winner

Thursday, Feb. 15, 2018
A lovely place to spend a couple of hours. You can hold Rosy the tarantula, look at lots in interesting insects, and walk among the butterflies. The butterfly enclosure itself is not large, but is densely packed with many species. It's a nice place to go on a cold day, as they keep it pretty warm in the pavilion-proper. There is a gift shop with mementos and toys, some quasi-educational, and a little play area for the very young to work out some energy -- the place is naturally somewhat geared toward kids. Our four-year-old loves the place, which is really probably all that needs to be said in a review.

April G

Saturday, April 14, 2018
We love coming to the Butterfly Pavillion. It's a great place to take out of town family, especially during colder days because it's super warm inside. The exhibits are smaller, but very informational and hands on. Rosie the tarantula is very sweet, and easy to psych yourself up to hold even if you're scared of spiders. The gift shop has some amazing artwork and the staff here is friendlier than most Denver area family attractions.

Vik Sh

Saturday, March 31, 2018
I came here with my aunt while she was visiting and while this is geared toward younger children this was probably one of the more enjoyable experiences I have had in Denver thus far in my short tenure here. Adults and children alike will enjoy the various exhibits- educational and entertaining to all age ranges. there are various exhibits of live insects including a tarantula that you can hold! The butterfly exhibit itself was simply breathtaking - multiple butterflies landed on me which contributed to the experience but the well-cultivated and well maintained grounds provided for a most enjoyable experience including watching The Wonder of other people and children as they experienced one of Nature's delicates and Beautiful Creatures in close proximity.

Taylen O'Leske

Tuesday, March 13, 2018
Most of the staff was kind and intelligent. It's a great place to take kids to teach them about butterfly's, and the spider is awesome as well. It's a shame more places don't let you play with large arachnids. They are such awesome creatures. My only complaint is, there doesn't seem to be a system in place to actually handle the guests who have decided to take it upon themselves to ruin random butterfly's lives for pictures or a laugh or sometimes just for sick cruel kicks. It's really really sickening to watch people harm such beautiful creatures so heartlessly. And there doesn't seem to be anything the sometimes clearly frustrated staff could really do about these grown ass adults being worse than I can explain acting a fool. It makes me sick honestly the amount of disrespect the staff puts up with every day. You guests that don't follow rules and don't respect other life seriously make me wish the staff could sue. If you want to PLAY with butterflies this IS NOT THE PLACE. If you're ready to explain to your kids that touching butterflies hurts them. And that you need to be sensitive and careful and considerate this is a wonderful place to show them the beauty of some of Earth's smallest and most beautiful creatures.

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