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Buffalo Bill Museum and Grave

987 1/2 Lookout Mountain Road

Our Mission:
The Buffalo Bill Museum and Grave, a facility owned and operated by the City and County of Denver, exists to preserve the memory of William F. "Buffalo Bill" Cody. To this end it maintains the Cody gravesite and related structures on Lookout Mountain Park; collects, cares for and interprets artifacts associated with "Buffalo Bill" Cody's life and times between 1846 and 1917; and records Cody's ongoing influence on American culture.

Our History:
William F. Cody died in 1917 and was buried in Lookout Mountain Park. According to Mrs. Cody and other close friends, he had asked to be buried on the mountain overlooking the Great Plains where he had spent so much of his life. In 1921 Johnny Baker opened the Buffalo Bill Memorial Museum near the grave. The artifacts in the Museum were items he had collected over the years and had gathered from the many friends who had performed with him in the Wild West. Mrs. Cody also provided objects, although she died and was buried next to her husband shortly before the Museum opened. The City of Denver owned the property but the Bakers owned the artifacts and ran the museum and shop. They called the building "Pahaska Tepee" after Cody's hunting lodge of the same name outside of Yellowstone Park.

After Johnny Baker's death in 1931, his wife Olive continued to operate Pahaska Tepee until her own death in 1956. At that point, under an earlier agreement, the collection became the property of the City. The Museum is now operated by the City and County of Denver. We are part of Denver Mountain Parks division of Denver Parks and Recreation.


Nicki Cheney

Thursday, June 21, 2018
Definitely a fun place for both adults and kids! The views are amazing, even with bad weather, and the museum & cafe are cool experiences! The museum has a TON of artifacts and does a good job of keeping people interested. There’s also a small area for kids that has dress up items, a pretend horse, a calf, and everything they’ll need to practice their lassoing. The attendants were very knowledgeable and even more kind! It’s a member of the Blue Star Program, so military families get in for free! The attached cafe is a lot of fun within itself. They have foods like fries, burgers, and coffee, and there’s ice cream & root beer floats for dessert. There are a handful of tables, but it never seems to be a problem finding a seat. It’s attached to the gift shop, so it’s pretty busy.

Ron DiSarro

Sunday, July 29, 2018
I could not believe how much history there was in such a moderately sized museum. The vista was stunning as well and the site of the grave perfect for such an historical figure. I also was happy that my misinformed past, believing he killed buffalo by the millions, has been corrected. William Cody was a true American pioneer and protector of buffalo, the environment and our great Indian brethren. May he rest in peace forever.

Bob King

Sunday, July 8, 2018
This is at the top of a hill that overlooks Golden, Colorado and the Colorado School of Mines. It snowed the day we were there, but the hike was worth it. Great gift shop with all kinds of stuff. Well worth the climb.

Rachel Miller

Wednesday, May 23, 2018
This is a great way to remember an old west American hero. We had a great time. Ny family is distant cousins of Mr. Cody and really enjoyed getting a real vision of his history and vision for his show.

Vincent Barras

Sunday, June 10, 2018
For a city museum, there's quite a lot to recommend. There's things for children, and a picturesque view of Lookout Mountain. The Gift Shop is huge with varied items, and the gravesite is in pristine condition.

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