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Big Timbers Museum

Big Timbers Museum
7515 West Highway 50

Big Timbers Museum is located on the Santa Fe Trail along Hwy. 287 and Hwy. 50 one mile north of Lamar. The museum was named for large stands of cottonwood trees that once grew along the Arkansas River. The Big Timbers were a welcome sight to Native Americans, explorers, and pioneers/settlers. The museum features a WWI Poster Collection, Western and Native American Artifacts, Sand Creek artifacts, a 10-star First National Confederate Flag, artifacts related to the D.A.R. Madonna of the Trail Monument, a variety of artifacts related to the Fleagle Gang robbery of the First National Bank in Lamar (their cases were the first ever in which the FBI used a single fingerprint as part of the evidence leading to a conviction), and a Transportation Museum featuring antique wagons, cars, and trucks.

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