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Adams County Fair

9755 Henderson Road

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The mission of the Adams County Fair is to provide a quality event for our guests and to enhance educational opportunities with emphasis on youth and agriculture while uniting urban and rural communities in a time honored celebration.


leona pacheco

Sunday, Aug. 5, 2018
This by far was the worst experience I have endured in a long time. What I assumed to be a nice Sunday afternoon with the kids turned out to be 2 hours just driving into the park While waiting for a parking space. Let's not even talk about the lines for the rides or the food now we get to spend another hour Trying to drive out of this madhouse. As many events that Adam's county holds in this area serious consideration should be taken to make easier access For getting in-and-out in accommodating the growth of the people.


Sunday, Aug. 5, 2018
Went at 11am and had a good time. Went back at 5:30 and it was a completely different story. First of all, I drove into the fair grounds and the entrance to the parking lot was closed off. Cars were directed ALL the way around the fair grounds just to enter the other side of the same lot that was closed off when we first drove in--this took 45 MINUTES just to park! And they have the nerve to charge $10 for this. Then we get in and all the animal exhibits were over and the lines for everything were really long. After waiting in line for almost 15 minutes, they scanned my bracelet which said I was short one credit to ride. This was a RIPOFF because I still had 9 credits left, that's the whole reason we went back! I told the ride operator this and he didn't care, nor would he have a heart to let me and my 3-year old child ride anyway. I felt bad for my toddler who was excited to ride, so I went to go reload my bracelet even though I was being ripped off--and the &$#&!! machine was broken! That was the last straw. I had to take my baby home...Adams County get it together!!!

Janette Quintana

Monday, Aug. 13, 2018
The only reasons we have gone for 13 conservative years is “SUGAR CONCESSIONS! Best fair food and Drinks ever. Can’t wait to see Dave & Allison and the gang at the State Fair. Fair needs to bring in better attractions and headliners. 😊

amanda monsisvais

Sunday, Aug. 5, 2018
The ride operators are rude as hell im not with this and won’t do nothing about it or would refund my money back like they got the money they don’t care how you get treated right? That’s what they showed me today and they still have the guts to tell me it’s because they been working for hours and they can’t take as much breaks cause they are under contract 😡🤬 like seriously you sign up for it now don’t come at me with that bull**** seriously telling me you can’t put complains or fire him or get my money back so you tell me he has the right to talk to people the way that guy did . They don’t have respect but want it ? NEVER GOING BACK 👎🏼🤬

Bob Baxter

Friday, Aug. 3, 2018
I am here right now as I am writing this review. Worst excuse for music EVER! Who ever hired this miserable excuse for a band should absolutely be fired!!! No talent and way TOO loud! Not family oriented at all. My rv is shaking and I still hear it with the doors & windows shut, the generator running and the a.c. on! We came here for the 4 H Show and a nice family time. They have ruined it for certain.

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