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Mile-Hi Skydiving Center

229 Airport Road Hangar34G


Mile Hi Skydiving Center is the ONLY skydiving facilty in the state of Colorado that has been in business in the same location since 1995. Mile Hi Skydiving always strives to provide the safest and best skydiving experiences for everyone who visits our business. Mile Hi Skydiving provides the very best in aircraft, skydiving equipment, instructors and customer service. Come see why we are the best.

The perfect place for first time skydivers...

We are Colorado's training specialists training more than 4 times the amount of students than any other skydiving center in the mountain region! First time skydivers are invited to go along for a Tandem Fun Jump which is the fastest and easiest way to experience body flight or for those who want to learn to jump on their own, Mile Hi Skydiving also offers Colorado's most advanced Accelerated Free Fall (AFF) program to help you become a solo skydiver!

Or experienced Pros...

For experienced jumpers, the environment is friendly, with a positive vibe no matter if you want to freefly, turn some points with your friends, participate in CReW, freestyle, or fly the Mile Hi Swoop Park, one of the largest and definitely the fastest swoop pond in America. Mile Hi continually improves its facilities every year and adds to the skydiving environment. 

Location and hours of operation

Mile-Hi Skydiving Center is located at Hangar 34G at the Longmont airport approximately 12 miles northeast of Boulder. Mile Hi has the newest and nicest skydiving facilities in the region. We skydive next to Long's Peak and the Rocky Mountains providing you an unrivaled skydiving experience! YOU deserve the BEST! 

We skydive year-round on weekends, as well as Thursday thru Sunday in the Spring and Summer time.

Member USPA

We are proud to be a United States Parachute Association (USPA) enhanced group member and have highly qualified, nationally licensed instructors. Also we are the only school in Colorado to use the most sophisticated safety equipment available on ALL of our parachute equipment!

Amenities we offer

Mile Hi Skydiving has Colorado's largest skydiving facility offering indoor packing, indoor training area, indoor bathroom and shower facilities, full time gear store, full time rigging loft, many video debrief areas, and a friendly welcoming atmosphere. We also have 100 acres of smooth grass landing area with no obstacles!


Eric B

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Went there for a tandem jump in September, left there with a broken spine, although they wouldn't know this because they've never bothered/cared to reach out to see how one of their "valued" clients is doing. Short story is that the instructor didn't flair properly and drove me into the ground at a high rate of speed. This resulted in a crushed L3 vertebrae. He absolutely lost control of the landing. This company and its people only cared about getting me off their landing zone as fast and quietly as possible. Unbelievable!

Dan S.

Wednesday, Feb. 28, 2018

Worst dropzone ever. They switch up their schedule all them time but don't take the time to update it anywhere so you can find yourself having made plans to be there only to find out last minute they've decided not to jump that day (I understand there are weather issues but this isn't what I'm talking about). Add to that a dismissive and abrupt staff and you end up with a horrible mix. One time, I'll forgive. Two times, could be a fluke. But I have been up there 3 times and have not gotten to jump due to their inability to communicate effectively and all 3 times I have been met with a surly attitude. If that is the same amount of care they put into maintaining appropriate safety standards, I recommend you steer clear and find a better place to which to entrust your life.

Protos Denver

Thursday, Feb. 15, 2018

Billy in manifest is always extremelly helpful with everything and does a fantastic job organizing loads. Thank you! If you get Max for a tandem instructor or AFF jump you are lucky as he is extremely capable and a all around awesome person to be around. Arias-

Kathy Hansen

Tuesday, Oct. 17, 2017

It was my first jump. Naturally I was a bit nervous. The entire staff was very encouraging and did everything to make me feel comfortable and confident. It was an amazing experience and one I really hope to do again. Truly a noteworthy group of people!

Kris Stump

Saturday, Aug. 19, 2017

A fantastic experience all around from the people at the front desk to the jumper and cameraman! My daughter and I chose Mile High for our first skydiving experience and it couldn't have been better! I was with Max and she was with Shawn, both top notch guys. We look forward to doing it again and we do recommend the video! Very professional! Thanks guys for a great life experience in the Rockies!

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