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Jumpin' Jordy's

7055 West 88th Avenue

Whether you're searching for the perfect place to celebrate your child's next birthday, or a fun, clean, safe environment to let your kids burn off some steam, Jumpin' Jordy's is the answer-featuring an exciting collection of giant inflatable slides, bounce-castles, and obstacle courses, guaranteed to thrill!

Let Jumpin' Jordy's make your child's next birthday one to remember! Our all-inclusive party packages take away the hassle so you can focus on the fun! We provide everything from invitations and party supplies to food, drink, and cake. Check out our party packages to find the one that's right for your celebration!

Jump in for Big Fun! Jumpin' Jordy's is open seven days a week with open jump time available every day, so drop in and let your kids jump, slide, bounce, and play to their heart's content!

Age limit for the inflatables is 9.


Penny Edwards

Wednesday, Aug. 13, 2014
Eh. I am sitting here now, this is our second visit and I am not overwhelmed by this place. Pros: it's not as loud as most jumpy-castle-type venues and it's probably more clean, with no smells of urine or harsh cleaners and has lots of places for parents to hang out, unlike others we've been to. Cons: The seats of which I spoke are mostly comprised of leather couches that are sunken to about a foot off the floor or cheap chairs and tables up at the front in their "cafe", where you cannot watch your children. Most children are completely unattended. There is usually just one employee who sits at the front counter and does nothing in the way of supervise. The "cafe" they mentioned on the website is nothing more than a coffee maker behind the counter and a small fridge full of bottled water, soda and tea. If you don't bring your own drinks, you have to purchase some because the water fountain is broken. Which I am pretty sure it's illegal to not have a free water source. The regular admission is $8 with no re-entry, which is absurd for what you get. If you do decide to try this fairly decent attraction, don't pay full price. Get the Groupon or come on Family night when it's only $5. Overall, it's just okay. When my punch pass is used up, I won't come back.

Kevin Kovarik

Saturday, April 2, 2016
Always a fun, clean environment to play with the kids. I have 2 boys that just love this place. Always will come back and recommend.

ski man

Thursday, March 13, 2014
We had a great time, we had some kids not show up to the party and the owner charged us less. Very clean, new castles and the kids love it. Highly recommend this place!!!!

Alysa Smith

Monday, Oct. 14, 2013
I might be biased against such a roudy, crowded place but this isn't the place for my son. He had fun for the hour we were there but the parents that were there think they have a reason to be snobbish. This part of Denver I don't like. They live in a world separate from reality and it rubs off on their kids. My son is a good person and has a mother that makes as much money as they do, but we are NOT coming back. It's way too small of an area for something like this, too.

kelly anderson

Monday, July 1, 2013
After researching a fun day for my girls (3yrs and 8yrs), I settled on Jumpin Jordy's. I read the reviews and it sounded like any review for any park: overcrowded and full of slacker parents who hide out in the snack area while their kids create a mosh pit. We went on a friday afternoon and it wasn't crowded; maybe 20 kids total. I turned my 8yr old lose and followed my 3yr old on the bounce houses because she's 3yrs old and I'm naturally going to look after her like I would anywhere else. The 8yr old has a good head on her shoulders and doesn't get too rowdy so I was comfortable letting her play on her own, especially since I could see her most all the time from the middle isle. Yes, there are parents who bring their kids and camp in the snack area on their computer, or sit at the back on the bench and visit (one lady was sleeping back there). I physically followed my little girl into the bounce houses so I could keep an eye on her. I had to get on to several boys down because they were trying to palm her face to push her out of the way, but that's normal: you are a parent and I believe that extends to other kids when their own parent isn't there to see them as they one-up each other to go bigger with each round. I understand it gets more exciting and a boy naturally wants to go bigger with each round, like the intensity dies off if you're not giving it all you got, so understandably, you need to be there and be present with smaller kids to watch out for them like I was with my little girl. Let's face it: not everybody is that attentive when they know their 150# kid can fend for them self, but they aren't that graceful around smaller kids. There is a play area for tiny kids but again, when the high wears off the bounce houses, bigger kids naturally drift to that area to play dodgeball with the foam blocks. $7 is certainly a fair price for the girls to play, especially since Denver was running 100 degrees plus in the afternoon. My advice: follow your kids around and bring bandaids (they had them up front and the girl was very nice in handing them out) because there will be a skinned knee or elbow along the way. I took my little girl to the bathroom and there was blood sprayed all over the place from some kid's bloody nose, but the dad was busy cleaning it up. Otherwise, the place was as clean as any chuck e cheese and certainly cheaper!

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