9 Best Places for Mac and Cheese in Colorado!

Macaroni and cheese is a classic American dish. However you won’t find mac ‘n cheese from a box at these Colorado establishments. Macaroni and cheese lovers will be pleased by dishes like the classic cheddar concoction or unique creations made with add-ins and specialty cheeses at these 9 best places to get mac and cheese in Colorado. 

Mizuna, Denver, CO

Mizuna, one of the best restaurants in Colorado and the western United States, has a macaroni and cheese dish that is well-prepared and absolutely delicious. This lobster mac and cheese features elbow pasta paired with large chunks of poached lobster and made with a cheesy mascarpone sauce. This dish was even featured on the Food Network Challenge.  

Sassafras American Eatery, Denver, CO

Mac and cheese is an important part of the menu at Sassafras American Eatery. Macaroni and cheese lovers can choose from five different mac and cheese options or even create their own signature mac dish. The Classic Mac is a local favorite, made with sharp cheddar cheese and grana padano. Or, enjoy the blackened chicken mac, the chili mac with Cajun green chili or indulge in the barbecue mac mixed with collard greens, barbecue sauce and fried pickles. The breakfast mac is a one-of-a-kind concoction however, topped with bacon and an over easy egg.   

The Rabbit Hole, Colorado Springs, CO

Mixed with tri-colored cauliflower and truffle aioli, the macaroni and cheese from The Rabbit Hole is a must-try dish here. This mac and cheese is nothing but flavorful and calorie-packed. Add blackened tofu, lobster or grilled chicken for added richness.  

Mac’N, Fort Collins, CO

This mac and cheese food truck based in Fort Collins has a menu that is focused entirely on macaroni and cheese. From a classic macaroni and cheese to more unique macaroni and cheese concoctions, any and all mac and cheese lovers should find a dish they love on this fun menu. For those who are a bit more adventurous, take a risk with the Wildcat Mac, made with blue cheese and Siracha, or taste the Whiskey Apple Mac, which contains sautéed apples tossed with bourbon. Now you may see something different on the menu depending on the season and the week, so keep an open mind when it comes to this creative mac and cheese joint. 

The Canteen-Tap House And Tavern, Breckenridge, CO

One of the best ways to fill up after a long day on the slopes is by enjoying a plate of macaroni and cheese from the Canteen in Breckenridge. The mac and cheese at this restaurant is made with shell pasta and a blend of sharp cheddar and gruyere cheese. However those aren’t even the best parts about this macaroni and cheese dish—it’s also topped with crushed Cheez-Its, those cheesy, square cracker snacks. As this isn’t delicious enough, add pulled pork to the creation for the complete meal.  

Sputnik, Denver, CO

There’s really nothing better than a mac and cheese made with three cheeses and topped with a classic, American cheese cracker, Cheez-Its. Made with cheddar, asiago and Monterey jack cheese, Sputnik’s mac and cheese does not disappoint. Once the cheesy and creamy creation is topped with green onions and those crunchy Cheez-Its, there should be no problem with finishing the whole bowl. 

Mac Nation Cafe, Indian Hills, CO

Mac Nation Cafe features a number of unique macaroni and cheese options along with breakfast and lunch sandwiches and even burritos. This restaurant features a different mac and cheese special every day that is based on a flavor from one of the 50 states. Or choose to enjoy the Mac Nation Cafe’s signature House Mac made with sharp cheddar cheese. 

The Hornet, Denver, CO

This tasty macaroni and cheese concoction isn’t simply made with just cheese and macaroni. Made with shell pasta, cheddar cheese and fontina cheese, The Hornet also adds lobster and Applewood bacon to the mix. Since it’s an oven-baked macaroni and cheese, expect a creamy center underneath a layer of cheese and breadcrumbs. 

Hops & Pie, Denver, CO

The macaroni and cheese found at Hops & Pie adds an ingredient that every Coloradan loves, an IPA-style beer. The elbow macaroni is mixed with not only cheddar but also English peas and smoked ham. Also expect an herbed bread crumb topping to this delicious macaroni and cheese dish.  

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