The 10 Best French Fries in Colorado!

French fries are truly an American classic and can be found in every state in the United States. When it comes to fries in Colorado, expect anything from the classic russet potato to poutine to truffle fries to fries smothered in Colorado green chile. There are so many ways to enjoy fries in the Centennial State, and these 10 best French fry spots  in Colorado are sure to please any and all kinds of fry lovers. 

1. Steuben's, Arvada and Denver, CO

The fries here are good enough to stand on their own, however this American comfort-food restaurant adds gravy and melted cheese to fries in a way that is irresistible. Shoe-string, hand-cut fries are dosed with brown, peppery gravy, coated with cheese and placed in the oven until the cheese is melted and delicious. 

2. Park Burger, Denver, CO

Park Burger has five locations in Denver, so Denverites have more opportunities to indulge in Park Burger fries. These golden brown fries are perfect alone. However consider trying the Parmesan truffle fries, which are absolutely mouth-watering. Park Burger also has a fry dish on the menu called The Works. The Works consists of perfectly fried fries topped with bacon, scallions, ranch and cheese sauce. 

3. Larkburger, Multiple locations

Larkburger is a beloved Colorado establishment. With many locations scattered over the state, Larkburger has risen as a top spot for some great burgers and fries. However the truffle and parmesan fries are king here. Made with hand-cut fries, grated Parmesan, truffle oil and Italian parsley, these fries make a perfect side or are great all on their own. 

4. Tag Burger Bar, Denver, CO

TAG Burger Bar, with two locations in Denver, offers hand-cut fries that come in all sorts of ways. Simply order the classic russet fries, or be more adventurous with fries fried in duck fat, sweet potato fries, truffle fries or even green chile fries. Since all fries are handmade in the restaurant, you’re sure to get some of the best fries in the Centennial State. 

5. Stuft, Fort Collins, Greeley and Windsor, CO

Stuft, a burger joint in northern Colorado, has some great fry options. Regular customers rave about the parmesan garlic fries here. However Stuft also offers other fry options on the menu, such as sweet potato fries and classic hand-cut fries.  

6. Euclid Hall, Denver, CO

Poutine, a Canadian French fry classic where fries are served with gravy and cheese, is found on the menu at Euclid Hall. Euclid Hall offers poutine three ways on their menu: duck poutine, carnitas papas fritas and fowl play poutine served with foie gras. The duck poutine is covered with duck confit, cheese curds and peppery duck gravy, while the carnitas papas fritas is smothered with tomatillo green chile and cheddar cheese. All are uniquely delicious options.

7. The Original Chubby's, Denver, CO

Unlike many establishments on this list, the Original Chubby’s is not a burger joint, it’s a Mexican restaurant. The idea of a Mexican restaurant with the best fries in Colorado is laughable. However once those fries are smothered with green chili, jalapeno sauce and cheese, this fry dish at Chubby’s takes things to a new level. 

8. The Kitchen, Multiple locations

Since there are a few The Kitchen locations in Colorado, there is all more of a chance to indulge in the garlic fries here. Fried to perfection and then smothered with garlic butter, these delicious fries are sure to please. 

9. Crave Real Burgers, Multiple locations

Crave Real Burgers not only has a wide variety of burger options but also a number of fry options available on the menu. Try the simple sweet potato fries or maybe venture into a more complex fry plate like the Das Fries, which is served with bacon, jalapenos, beer cheese and cheddar cheese. However Crave also makes incredible truffle fries, garlic parmesan fries, and even chili cheese fries with options for either red or green chili. 

10. Root Down, Denver, CO

Many of the fries on this list are focused on russet potato fries. However the must-try fry option at the Root Down is the sweet potato fries. The fries are great all on their own. However whenever dipped in Root Down’s curry and lime yogurt sauce, these fries are absolutely irresistible. 

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