Flatirons Food Film Festival

Flatirons Food Film Festival

Sunday, Jan 31, 2021 at 10:30am


The Flatirons Food Film Festival is an annual multi-day feast celebrating exceptional culinary cinema. The events take place in Boulder, Colorado, a city known as the epicenter of the natural foods industry and locus of the American craft brewing renaissance. The festival includes film showings, expert speakers, discussions, and food and beverage-related events.

10:30am: Short Films: Connections and Transformation
Omri Dayan and Leilani Osmundson will each introduce their films.

In this collection of short films submitted to the Festival, two student filmmakers from Colorado take the spotlight. Runner-up Omri Dayan and first-place winner Leilani Osmundson have earned the top prizes for the 2020 Colorado Student Film Contest from the Flatirons Food Film Festival. Each of the seven shorts selected for this program, including the student films, explores complex food matters of the heart and mind where the film setting becomes as much of a character as the film subjects.

10:30am: Program begins/ Introductions
10:40-11:30am: Short films

Kindness Leads to Kindness
Food of Love: Tamale Man
Rusty's Story
As a Fish Out Of Water (Fuor d'Acqua)
Galveston Eats: Island Olives
The Last Press
The Farm

11:45am: Metro Denver Food Waste Organizations
In Boulder and Denver, there are several organizations dedicated to reclaiming food and alleviating this situation. Meet some of those organizations, including UpRoot Colorado, which reduces surplus agriculture in Colorado through gleaning, the Boulder Food Project, which is part of the Boulder Valley School District, and the City and County of Denver'€™s Office of Climate Action, Sustainability and Resiliency.

1:00pm: Food Fighter - $12
Film introduction by Ronni Kahn

Ronni Kahn, founder of OzHarvest, crusades against the global food waste scandal, holding big business and the government to account in Australia. After the showing, there will be a discussion and Q&A with Ronni Kahn; Charles E. McJilton, CEO of Second Harvest Japan; Scott Faber of the Environmental Working Group (EWG), and Hayden Dansky of Boulder Food Rescue.

1:00pm: Program begins
1:10pm: Feature film
2:40-3:15pm: Live discussion with Q&A

Director: Dan Goldberg
Runtime: 87 minutes

3:30pm: Sacred Cow
Introduction by Director Diana Rogers

Sacred Cow focuses on cattle as a test case for the nutritional, environmental, and ethical case for better meat when raised humanely and sustainably. After the showing, there will be a discussion and Q&A with Alan Lewis, Natural Grocers€™ navigator of food and agriculture policy; Diana Rogers; and journalist Judith D. Schwartz.

Runtime: 80 minutes

7:30pm: Funke - $12
In this film by Tastemade, watch a talented chef stage his culinary comeback by mastering the dying art of handmade pasta. After the showing, there will be a discussion and Q&A.

Evan Funke was one of the hottest young chefs in Los Angeles when he inexplicably walked away from his critically-acclaimed and wildly popular restaurant, Bucato, leaving behind him a wake of financial and personal upheaval. Years later, he uses his mastery of the dying art of handmade pasta as a vehicle for redemption and his comeback. Tastemade's Funke gives equal measure to the artistry and passion that are crucial in the kitchen.

Director: Gab Taraboulsy
Runtime: 89 minutes

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