The 8 Best Places for BIG Food in Colorado!

From an 80-ounce ribeye to 50 chicken wings to a 14-pound pizza, these Colorado eateries are ready to put your stomach to the test. If you’re big eater who’s up for the challenge, you’ll love awesome BIG food places in Colorado. You just might get your photo up on the Wall of Fame.  

Beau Jo’s Pizza, Idaho Springs, CO

A 14-pound pizza is quite a mountain pie. This one is 20 inches in diameter and three inches deep. It’s stuffed with meats, cheese and vegetables. Finish one in an hour and you’ll get a free t-shirt, a picture on the wall of fame and a free meal … maybe not the same night though! This is a chain of pizza parlors and the challenge is available at each.

The West End Tavern, Boulder, CO

The wing king challenge pits the eater against a bucket of 50 chicken wings covered in a spicy hot sauce. Successfully eat all 50 in 30 minutes and you’ll accomplish something few have. In addition to a picture on the wall of fame—fortunately there’s no wall of shame—winners don’t have to pay for the 50 wings and get a free t-shirt and a coupon for 12 free wings a month for a year, if you can stomach them.

Corona’s Mexican Grill, Strasburg, CO

A taco salad that comes in a deep fried tortilla shell with horns is alarming from the outset. Here’s what’s in it: refried beans, rice, lettuce, tomato, shredded cheese, sour cream, guacamole, ground beef, shredded beef, shredded chicken, carnitas, fajita steak, fajita chicken, pico de gallo, salsa especial, salsa verde, hot green chile and an incredibly hot chile chingado. It weighs in a 6.6 pounds. Finish it in 66 minutes and your picture goes up on the wall of fame. A free t-shirt, free meal and a 30-ounce beer are part of the spoils.

Crave Real Burgers, Castle Rock, CO

The three little pigs had a chance against the big bad wolf. There was safety in numbers. You’re all alone on this challenge though. Win it by eating three sandwiches that have beef, bacon and onion on them, weigh in at four pounds and finish in 45 minutes and you’ll forever be known as the Big Bad Wolf. Take a free t-shirt home with you and a snapshot of your face on the wall of fame. Plus the meal is free if you finish.

Sundance Steakhouse and Saloon, Fort Collins, CO

You must pay in advance to even think about attempting this steak eating challenge. The meal, an 80-ounce ribeye cooked to your specifications plus a loaded baked potato, vegetable du jour, side salad with dressing and a dinner roll with butter must be eaten in 60 minutes or less. A proviso is that all food must be swallowed, too. If you make it, you’ll see you picture on the wall of fame and the restaurant’s social media and get a free t-shirt. If you don’t you can take home the leftovers.

Macho's Fast Mexican Food, Durango, CO

Macho’s nachos feeds five normal people or one very macho challenger. The nacho chips are topped with carne asada, cheese, beans, pico, sour cream and guacamole. Five and half pounds of supersized deliciousness. Finish in an hour … or 60 minutes … whichever is easier and the meal is free. Plus, a free t-shirt and a wall of fame picture are part of the prize winnings.

GQue BBQ, Westminster, CO

Calling all carnivores! This barbecue challenge pits you against a half pound each of chicken wings, USDA Prime brisket, pulled pork, turkey plus two links of jalapeño cheddar sausage, six ribs, two pieces of Texas toast and a pint each of apple slaw and mac and cheese. Finish this six pound meal in an hour and you win a gift card, t-shirt and a signed menu with a picture that gets hung on the wall of fame. Cost is $75 just to try.

Pho 95 Noodle House, Centennial, CO

If you think eating a bowl of soup is easy, think again. This giant bowl of traditional Vietnamese pho comes with two pounds each of noodles and meat, 200 ounces of broth and a separate plate of vegetables. Slurp down the entire meal and you’ll get the meal for free, a Pho-King t-shirt and a winner-of-the-month picture on the wall. The defeated get the bill and a pink t-shirt. Two-day advance notice needed to participate.

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